Amerigold Group has been affiliated with over 250 billion dollars in real estate services that include procuring investments, sales, leasing, management, appraisals, expert witness, and private mortgagee services. Amerigold is a unique full service real estate wealth management consulting group representing businesses, corporations, nonprofits, real estate investors and property owners. We are the cloud of real estate. The Amerigold network only refers the cream of the crop. Every facet has decades of experience. We are an elite team of independent experts with over 115 years of real estate experience. Our mission is to be a full service real estate resource with expert affiliates to protect the interest of businesses, property owners, investors, LLCs, LLPs and Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Amerigold is a hybrid real estate consulting conduit with an umbrella of real estate services specifically tailored to promote and protect the interests of our friends and clients providing expert representation for all types of real estate services, products, interests and rights in realty. While other large real estate firms see their clients in black and white, our small firm wants our clients to see the world in gold.